How easy is it to change property management companies?

September 15, 2015


It is a very simple process to change to a different property management company.


We have a simple one page form available to download from our website, that you can give to your current property manager giving us authorisation to take over the management of your property.


We will then arrange the change of landlord bond form, collect the keys and get copies of the existing lease paperwork from your current property manager.


We will introduce ourselves to the current tenants (if any) and arrange for the change of bank account details to be provided.


You can be assured of a smooth transition for both you and your tenants.


In many cases, property management companies have break fees payable if you are to cancel their contract.  Sometimes this is a set sum or a % of the fees that might be charged over the contractual 1-2 month notice period.


Please contact us to discuss any break fee charges, as in some cases we will be able to re-imburse you for these fees and can take over the management of your property immediately.


In addition to this, on average you will also be saving up to 30% on management fees in changing over to us as we charge a single flat rate fee of 6.95% +GST while the industry standard is 8-9% + GST and plus all the other add on fees.


Please do not hesitate in getting in touch if you would like a free rental appraisal or would like to discuss changing the management of your properties over to us.


Christchurch Property Management & the Rolleston and Lincoln specialists





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