Save 30% on Property Management Fees

See here for a full comparison between Selwyn Property Management and one of our key competitors.

We differ from other companies in that we charge a single all inclusive 6.95% + GST flat rate fee (as of February 2015).

This compares with the industry standard of 8% + GST and on top of this other companies have various other fees they add on top of their base fee, which can mean that you end up paying around 30% more in overall fees.

Below is an example comparing Selwyn Property Management's fee with the actual fees charged by one of our competitors (as @ 11/2/15) , a prominent property management company based in Hornby, Christchurch.

You can see here, that for a property renting at $550 per week, you would be paying an additional 30% in fees at our competitors, than by using Selwyn Property Management. Fees of 7.99% incl GST PA compared with 11.19% by our competitor.

See the fees section of our website for a link to an excel spreadsheet, where you can enter the rent for your property to see how much you could save by using Selwyn Property Management to manage your investments.

Selwyn Property Mgmt Competitor in Hornby

Fees PA Our fee Fees PA Their Fees Notes

Management Fees 7.99% $2,285 9.2% $2,631

Maintenance Fees - - 9.2% $210 R & M of $1800 total PA

Inspection Fees - - $40.25 $161 Four inspections PA

Monthly Admin Fees - - $5.75 $69

Cost of advertising - - $45.00 $45 One Trademe advert PA

Cost of credit checks - - $22.48 $45 Two credit checks PA

End of year accounts - - $35.00 $40

Total Fees 7.99% $2,285 11.19% $3,202 All figures are incl GST

These fees are indicative of most Christchurch property management companies, where you will normally be charged all or most of these additional fees.

Please note too, that while most property companies charge their tenants a letting fee of one week's rent plus GST we charge $175 incl GST. We believe this is a fairer fee that covers the actaul costs of letting the property. This also makes our advertised listings further appealing to tenants.

Of course, when choosing a property manager it's not just about the fees you are charged. It's also about the service you can expect to receive from your property management company, their professionalism and communication.

We are so sure that we will provide you with a superior service to that of our competitors, that as well as offering a single fairer fee, we offer a 3 month money back guarantee for all of our new clients.

If your service expectations haven't been met wthin the first three months of management and you wish to cancel your contract, give us 1 months notice and we will do so, refunding any fees paid up until this date.

Talk to us to see why other investors are making the move to Selwyn Property Management to manage their property investments.

Kerry Fookes

Director - Selwyn Property Management

Christchurch Property Management

The Selwyn District specialists. Specialising in Rolleston, Lincoln and West Melton

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