Would your pet be better off living overseas?

July 22, 2014

Let's face it, renting just isn't the same as owning your own home, even for your dog, your cat or your budgie.


In New Zealand, where 69% of households own at least one pet, it can often be difficult finding a rental property that will allow you to have pets.


Interestingly, compared with many other countries, Australia and New Zealand actually have some of the most restrictive rules around for tenants (and pets).


In Germany, tenants are entitled to pet ownership at their property as of right, while in the USA, Australia and NZ, this is only with the landlords written consent.


Another key difference is the typical lease term.  In New Zealand this is 6-12 months, while in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands the lease term is indefinite.


For France and Hong Kong, the typical lease term is 2-3 years.


In New Zealand, we can terminate a periodic lease for any reason with notice, while in Germany the only reason you can do so is for non-payment or misconduct.


In the Netherlands and Germany, minor alterations such as putting up pictures, laying carpet and painting are permitted and actually considered quite normal.


This is only permitted with the landlords consent in New Zealand, so personal customisation can be difficult for tenants here.


The Residential Tenancies Act is a fair piece of legislation that clearly defines the rights and responsibilities for both landlords and tenants in New Zealand.


In a couple of areas though it seems, tenants would be better off living in Europe. Their pets too.


Kerry Fookes

Director - Selwyn Property Management 





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