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Professional property management & trust accounting software


  • We utilise PropertyTree, professional property management software from Rockend, whose cloud based management software is used by over 15,000 individual property managers, across 4500 businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.


  • This software records every bank transaction, maintenance request and the full contact history between us, our owners and our tenants. We also separately back up all SMS, phone calls & email messages between us, our owners and tenants.


  • Owners are able to access the current lease information and financial statements for each of their properties online if they wish, 24 hours a day.


Payment of Management fees & expenses


  • All property related expenses (including repairs & maintenance) are paid directly from the incoming rents - with no commission. These are all detailed on your financial statements emailed through twice a month with our ownership payments.

  • For our overseas based clients, rates and insurances can also be paid on your behalf if this is required.


  • Our management fees are deducted from the rents and these are 100% tax deductible.


Rent collection and owner payments


  • Through our management software, we reconcile our trust account bank transactions daily. This trust account operates independently from our other business accounts - all rental payments are recorded and reconciled daily.


  • We deposit our ownership payments into the property owners accounts on the 1st and 15th of every month, directly into your nominated bank account.


Rent arrears


  • We have an absolute zero tolerance policy in regard to rent arrears and a strict action plan in place for the management of any arrears. 

    • This includes contacting the tenant via email and SMS, the day after a rental payment is missed.

    • If the rent is not in our account the following day, we phone the tenant to advise they are in breach of their tenancy agreement.  

    • If the rent is still not paid within 7 days of when it was due, we will issue a 14 day notice to remedy to the tenants

    • It a tenant has not had a repayment plan approved we have the option of making an application to the tenancy tribunal. The matter can be heard by mediation or we can go directly to a tenancy tribunal hearing where an adjudicator will make a repayment order.

    • If Selwyn Property Management put the tenant into the property, we will pay the Tenancy Tribunal application fees if required and attend the tribunal at no cost to our owners.


Rental reviews


  • We review our rents at minimum yearly, looking at the market rents and where possible, increasing these at the time of lease renewal to ensure that you are always getting the best return on your investments.  

  • We subscribe to Property Guru from Quotable Value and also utilise various other rental property databases to ensure that we are getting the correct market rent for our properties.


Property inspections


  • A comprehensive report on the initial condition of the property is completed at the commencement of every tenancy (500+ photos included). 


  • This is used at the final bond inspection which eliminates any dispute about the property condition at the end of the tenancy.


  • We will conduct our first inspection 4-5 weeks after the tenants have moved in to see how the tenants have settled in and so that we can ensure that the tenants are meeting our minimum expectations / to set the standard from the beginning of the tenancy.


  • After this, we will undertake detailed 3 monthly Inspections of your property - free of charge.  You will be provided with the full report, including photos.


Repairs and maintenance


  • We are experienced in organising property maintenance and have trusted and experienced trades people available who can undertake repairs on your behalf.


  • We can advise on and organise for any repairs, maintenance and heating needs that may be required for your properties.


  • Alternatively, if you wish, you can nominate your own preferred trades people to use for your property.


Financial statements


  • Financial statements are emailed with all ownership payments (on the 1st and 15th of every month), detailing all rental income and expenses for each separate property.


  • At the end of the financial year a tax summary is provided for you and/or your accountant. 




  • We advertise all of our properties on TradeMe.  This normally costs $99-$149 +GST but we do not charge you for this service.


  • We will also utilise a 'for rent' sign at the front of the property, as we find that many of the tenants applying for our properties are those already living in the local area.


Tenant selection


  • We are experienced with the selection of tenants and undertake extensive tenant checks prior to selecting a tenant.

  • As well as credit checking across two separate credit agencies - Centrix & Equifax (formally VEDA) , all tenants are checked against multiple national Government, tenancy and financial databases including but not limited to: 

    • ​Ministry of Justice - Tenancy Tribunal Orders

    • New Zealand Court results

    • Companies Office

    • NZ Insolvency Results

    • CIA Debt Recovery Group

    • Ministry of Justice - Fines database

    • Land Transport New Zealand - Drivers Licence Database

    • Social media (LinkedIn & Facebook)

  • Every applicant must fill in a detailed rental application form (link available on our home page)


  • All applicants must provide a copy of photo identification (drivers licence or passport)


Tenant management


  • Our tenancies are managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and its amendments


  • Our tenants are treated with respect and courtesy at all times. 


  • We undertake to develop and maintain a good relationship with our tenants, friendly yet professional as we understand tenant retention has a positive impact on your investment returns.


Termination of tenancies


  • We will keep you informed if a tenant wants to vacate their property or if a fixed term tenancy is terminating soon.  We will keep you updated with what is happening in regard to this, normally contacting our tenants 2 months out from a lease expiry date.


Communication / point of contact


  • Rest assured, you will only ever have a single point of contact when dealing with Selwyn Property Management. This will be the business owner rather than a 9-5 employee as you would with a real estate owned business.  


  • This is a single point of contact for both the owners and tenants, in regard to every aspect of the property, from tenant selection, rent management, to inspections and for all owner communications.


Investment advice


  • If you are looking to purchase another investment property, then it would be our pleasure to assist you with market assessments of any further prospective rental properties.  

  • We can also advise on the suitability of the property for renting and give you an indication of the potential returns.