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How are you able to keep your fees so much lower compared with those charged by other property management companies?


  • You will find that other companies charge multiple other fees on top of their base management fee (percentage of the rents received). These can include fees for advertising, letting fee between tenancies, credit checking, inspections, monthly administrative charges and for arranging maintenance for the properties. We do not charge any additional fees for these services, which are included as part of our management fee.

  • The average rent across our property portfolio is considerably higher at around $440pw compared to the Christchurch average rent of $395pw (as of 20/04/18), allowing us to be able to offer a more cost effective flat rate fee.

  • We have properties through all areas of Christchurch and the Selwyn district, however we specialise in the top end of the rental market, including a large number of lifestyle properties around the Selwyn area.

  • We have comparatively low overheads. For example, we operate our office from an older commercial building in Rolleston, rather than maintaining a modern office in central Christchurch as our competitors generally do.

How long has Selwyn Property Management been trading?
  • Selwyn Property Management Ltd was formed in 2013 and now has 130+ properties under management. The business has grown considerably over this time, supported by the business owner and an assistant property manager employed by the company. Prior to this the business owner Kerry Fookes had managed a portfolio of his own rental properties for over 17 years.



How often do you conduct inspections?
  • A thorough initial property condition report is completed prior to a tenant moving into a property along with 500+ photos. The first inspection is completed at 4-5 weeks from the start of a tenancy and the inspections are then completed 3 monthly thereafter.


  • Photos are taken at the inspections (free of charge), including of every room in the house and of all the usual areas that tend to need regular cleaning such as showers, toilet bowls and inside ovens. You will be emailed a copy of these reports.


Do you manage properties short term?


  • Please contact us but generally we will only take on properties that are going to be available for a minimum 6 month term.


Do you offer specialist landlord insurance products?


  • Yes, we can offer specialist landlord insurance which is an add on policy that gives you additional cover over and above your standard insurance policy. These polices cover loss of rent & intentional tenant damage which would not normally be covered by a standard insurance policy.

  • These insurance products are available from Real Landlord Insurance (underwritten by Tower) and are only available when managing your property through a property management company.


Do you undertake methamphetamine testing on your properties?


  • This is now being completed as standard in the property management industry and the majority of our property owners are now doing so.  We would strongly recommend that you do have your property tested for the presence of methamphetamine between tenancies.

  • The cost of this laboratory based testing, conducted by a third party company is approximately $189 + GST for a property with 1-2 bedrooms and $259 + GST for 3-4 bedrooms. Travel charges may also apply for outer-lying areas. 


Now that tenant letting fees have been banned, are you passing on these charges to your owners - as most real estate owned companies are now doing?

  • The government has passed legislation banning the charging of tenant letting fees ( effective from 12/12/18) which was standard in the industry and normally a charge of one week's rent +GST 

  • Most other property management companies have indicated that they will either charge their property owners one week's rent plus GST or a flat fee of $550 + GST between tenancies.

  • We can confirm that we are not charging our owners any additional fees now that tenant letting fees have been banned.  Our standard flat rate management fee will continue to apply only.

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