'Boutique property management and located in Rolleston - we are the independent Selwyn District specialists'


We guarantee a boutique service, clear communication and total transparency with our single flat rate fee. 


Are you considering changing from your current Property Manager?


Have your service expectations not been met or would you like better service with fairer fees?


All you need to do is complete a simple one page form and we will do the rest.

Why choose us?

  1. We are a boutique family owned business that has been Rolleston based since 2013.  

  2. We are 100% independent, locally owned and focusing solely on rental property investment.

  3. As property investors ourselves, we have experienced the frustrations of using large property management companies - we are small & boutique so are able to provide a superior and more personal service.  

  4. We offer strong communication, keeping you in the loop with exactly what is happening with your properties and you can be assured that you will always have a single point of contact for all communication regarding them. 

  5. We offer total transparency with our fee - a single flat rate management fee for our professional services. There are none of the usual hidden fees to pay on top of this - that most other companies will charge on top of their other base fees.

  6. We have no minimum contract period or break fees if you wish for us to cease managing your property. Just a minimum of one month's notice is required to cancel our contract.

  7. You can be assured that we will actively listen to any feedback you have in regard to our management of your properties.

  8. We use the latest cloud based property management / trust accounting software from Rockend, who provide software to over 4500 property management businesses (over 15,000 property managers) throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Our clients can access the financial statements, rent and lease information for each of their properties 24 hours a day.

What to Expect

  • 24 hours & 7 days a week service

  • Our owner payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month, along with detailed financial statements emailed through.

  • A ZERO tolerance for rent arrears

  • Adherence to the Residential Tenancies Act & its amendments.

  • Top industry standard, professional property management software.

  • Detailed 3 monthly inspections of your property - with photos.

  • Advice on any repairs & maintenance that may be required for your properties.

  • Whilst most other companies charge additional fees for inspections, credit checks, advertising, maintenance, disbursements and if applicable, tenancy tribunal fees, we do not.  Our 8.0% +GST fee covers all of these services and more

  • A professional, yet friendly and down to earth service for our clients - helping take the complexity away from the management of investment properties.


Most of our competitors charge additional fees for inspections, credit checks, advertising, maintenance, disbursements & letting   fees between tenancies. 

We do not


Our 8.0% +GST fee covers these services and more.